As a producer of electricity on the basis of renewable energies, we are permanently working on expanding our electric power volume. For expanding our plant portfolio, we are searching for:

1. Projects in the fields of wind energy and photovoltaics,

  • which are suited for the expansion of our plant portfolio.
  • which can be seen as economical as of the beginning of our involvement, irrespective of the respective development status.
  • which are located on the growth markets within the EU.

2. Local project partners, who dispose of good knowledge about the regulatory and planning conditions and who can contribute the following:

  • the ability to comprehend the specific national and local requirements for project realization, to deal with them and to integrate them into the planning process.
  • experience in feeding the electricity into the respective network.
  • experience in dealing with state institutions, electricity consumers and the local authorities.

3. Project partners with local networks in the following fields:

  • financing and law
  • local, regional and national institutions
  • plant construction

4. Project partners who are interested in an equal, long-term co-operation.